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Warranty conditions

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  1. Repairs will be performed under warranty only if accompanied by: tax document (sale receipt, purchase or sale invoice) with the indication of the product purchased, clearly readable.
  2. Warranty expires if the device is tampered with, fallen, oxidized ecc.. In this case will be sent a quote for the repair (see terms and conditions of repair for a fee).
    Warranty will still be valid only after our expertise. CostaLab accepts no responsibility for items not picked up within 15 days starting from the day of notification of the repair.
    After that day, after further notification, the unit will be returned to the customer by courier with the charge of shipping costs (€ 15.00 including VAT), operating costs (€ 15.00 including VAT) and the costs for insurance amounting to 0.5 % of the value of the goods; whether the customer refuses the shipment, there is given the chance to SELL or DESTROY the device to compensate for our economic demands against him.
  3. Customer will be charged only the shipping costs (€ 15.00 including VAT) as also specified in the warranty conditions attached to our products.
  4. The shipping address of the product to be repaired is indicated in the confirmation email sent by CostaLab in completing the application form repair.