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Dual Drive - new generation

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Dual Drive - new generation

180,00 €

The state of the art of the overdrive sound

9 - 18 volt DC

The Dual Drive represents the state of the art of the overdrive sound. Inspired by a must as the TS808, in addition, it offers modern solutions and more suitable options to the music of today. The result is a pedal that allows you to have in a single box all the tones of overdrive, the sound of late 70's up to the most modern of today.

The Dual Drive is equipped, in addition to the classic power switch, with a second switch that enables the MORE DRIVE function. By enabling this feature it just select a second gain circuit able to get higher levels of drive.

First stage of gain provides a light overdrive sound that enhances the dynamics and expressiveness of the guitar player even if you are playing with humbukers.


By enabling the More Drive, can be reached stronger saturations, but always with a slight  compression that makes it creamy and soft. The tone knob has been studied in such a way as to allow the limitation of harmonics with high levels of gain, or to lighten the tone with a low to medium levels of saturation.

The tone and volume control are features in common. In addition to these features, the Dual Drive offers the opportunity to work with two different clipping circuits, just by a switch. The clipping matched the red LED is designed to get the overdrive vintage sound, while the green LED, offers a more modern sound, with greater amounts of harmonics.

Its sound is elegant, lightly compressed, with creamy mids that cuts through the mix. Its circuit is extremely quiet due to the many arrangements made and the selected used components.

The CostaLab Dual Drive is equipped with a mechanical "true bypass" switching system and with an anti-pop filter too.

The unit is powered by 9 DC volts and is connected by the classic DC 2.1 mm plug with negative pole-center. The current draw is less than 20 mA. The unit can also operate with a 9-volt battery. In this case the circuit is on by the input jack.

In order to save the battery life it is recommended to remove the input jack from the socket when you stop using it. You can still keep the battery inside the pedal even when it is powered through the DC socket, for the external power supply system is able to automatically rule out the battery.  


The unit is 118x98x34mm not counting the knob and the jacks. 


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Recommended for


Pop - 90%
Blues - 100%
Rock - 100%
Heavy Rock - 80%