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Anna Greta Giannotti

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Inizia il percorso musicale con lo studio del pianoforte classico per poi a 17 anni passare allo studio della chitarra e a 18 della chitarra elettrica. Diplomata alla music academy 2000 di Bologna a settembre 2008 e a luglio 2012 ha conseguito la laurea in chitarra jazz presso il conservatorio di musica G. Rossini di Pesaro. Attualmente suona con diverse formazioni come Le Bollicine, Rusty Nails, Trip 4 Cats, Diamond Beast e Alice & Grace.

Vanta un innumerevole serie di collaborazioni in Italia e nel resto del mondo, a titolo non esaustivo si citano: Freewind, Diamond Beast, Acid Blaster, Tribute to Women, Le Rimmel, Rusty Nails, Trip 4 Cats, George Leonard Live Band, Franco di Donato, Factory.
Selezionata tra cinque finaliste per il concorso “Juliette Lewis” su Radio Deejay per il video “Crazy Train” visibile su facebook e sul myspace.

Elenco prodotti Costalab utilizzati:

The Dual Drive represents the state of the art of the overdrive sound. Inspired by a must as the TS808, in addition, it offers modern solutions and more suitable options to the music of today. The result is a pedal that allows you to have in a single box all the tones of overdrive, the sound of late 70's up to the most modern of today.

The Dual Drive is equipped, in addition to the classic power switch, with a second switch that enables the MORE DRIVE function. By enabling this feature it just select a second gain circuit able to get higher levels of drive.

First stage of gain provides a light overdrive sound that enhances the dynamics and expressiveness of the guitar player even if you are playing with humbukers.


The CostaLab Echolab is a classical style delay producing an echo that is so far away from the modern delay sound, too cold and accurate. The EchoLab is characterized by a warm tone, intentionally getting darker in the repetitions that, in their succession, giving an exceptional depth, very close to the effect produced by the old tape echo that you can hear in songs that we loved during the years.

It is just thanks to this great depth that the Echolab allows, by a proper adjusting, to replace the use of reverb, like the guitar tradition of '70s has taught us.

On the other hand, the direct sound is straight, present and respectful of your instrument tone while maintaining an excellent attack and an energetic "punch" without rings.