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Good Devil

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Good Devil

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The Sensitive Overdrive

The tube amplifier dynamics

9 - 12 volt DC

The Costalab Good Devil is an original design overdrive based on a Op-Amp with ten-times specification values over the standard Mosfet competitors.

The result is an outstanding low noise tone at any level and an unbelieveable gain reserve that trespasses in distortion territory.

The Good Devil works as a real tube amp in terms on dynamic and saturation, with the “Blade” knob that helps you shape the tone even more, changing attack and compression of the note like switching between a Valve and a Solid State rectifier.

In conjunction with a distortion pedal, like the Costalab Bad Angel, the Good Devil will help provide infinite singing sustain, complex and expressive notes and well defined fast solos will be at your fingertips.

The Good Devil, like all the Costalab line-up, is fitted with True bypass switching and an anti-pop filter for transparent smooth operation.

The circuit turns on by inserting a guitar cable into the Input jack of the pedal.

Battery: the pedal can be operated by a single 9 volt battery (type MN1604) or with an external power supply.

To install/replace the battery, simply remove the fixing screw of the battery compartment on the back of the stomp-box. 

To preserve battery life, remove the cable from the input when you’ve finished using the pedal. 

If you plug the pedal with an external power supply and don’t use the battery for a long time, please consider removing the battery from the dock. Battery is not included. 

it is possible to power the pedal with an external center-negative 9 volt DC power supply with standard   2.1mm DC connector. Current draw is less than 20 mA.

We suggest to use our filtered and stabilized POWER FACTORY or ENERGIA power supply or an equivalent quality one. Using a different power supply may generate unwanted noise and may damage the product.

When an external power supply is plugged, the battery is excluded.


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