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The most powerful pedal power supply on the market

cm 18,8 X 8,2 X 4,2
80-264 Vac

Built using the latest technologies, it is equipped with 8 isolated galvanic groups, each with double output, to facilitate wiring operations on the pedalboard.

Outputs 1 to 7 provide 9V voltage with a maximum current of 650mA. Output 8, with double socket (standard 5.5x2.1mm), provides an adjustable voltage of 9-12-18volt and a current of 3A, specially designed to power all the most modern digital guitar processors / modelers.

Compact dimensions allow to be positioned in any pedal board, both at sight and below of a pedaltrain for example. Each output is equipped with protections against overtemperature, short circuit, and overcurrent (with automatic reset function).

The particular precautions on the circuit and the most recent components used make ENERGIA compatible with the current standards of electrical safety and EMC.
ENERGIA can be used in any country in the world. Indeed it can be powered from 80 to 264 Vac with 47 to 63Hz frequency. To facilitate wiring in your system, ENERGIA also has a mains voltage output with standard IEC socket.



Input socket

Standard IEC

Protections (Vac input)

IEC socket integrated fuse



Isolated galvanic groups


Vac output

IEC socket

Output connections

DC 5,5x2,1mm - IEC sockets

Protections (low tension)

Overtemperature, short circuit, overcurrent with automatic reset function

Supplied with

Cable with shuko socket/IEC, 4 DC 60cm + 4 DC 80cm cables