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Silverstone 30 Head

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Silverstone 30 Head

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The Musical Engine




53 X 24 X 26,5 cm - 16,5Kg
230 Vac

Specifiche tecniche

Modello - Silverstone 30H

Tecnologia - Interamente valvolare

Canali - Due (Clean & Overdrive)

Potenza - 30Watt RMS in classe AB su 4,8 o 16 Ohm

Valvole finali - KT66 TAD Selected Tubes

Valvole pre - 4 x 7025 TAD Selected Tubes

Ingressi - Due (alta e bassa sensibilità)

Controlli Canale 1 - Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble (in comune), Presence

Controlli Canale 2 - Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master Volume, Presence

Loop Effetti - Circuito valvolare con controlli separati di livello per Send e Return

Controllo remoto - Doppio pedale per la selezione del canale e l'attivazione del loop effetti


After years spent in the sector of the musical instruments at the service of the greatest professionals, we have created the product that makes us more proud of our professional path.
After careful and careful planning of every single detail we have carried out the most selective tests on the units produced.

Each Component has been selected with great care, the transformers, made according to our specifications, have been built according to the highest quality standards.

The cabinets have been designed and built by the greatest professionals in the sector with first choice materials for each individual detail.

Like all CostaLab products, Silverstone has been manually assembled with the care and attention of highly specialized technical personnel.

Every single built unit is subjected to strict individual tests, as for us it is customary on all our products, this to the advantage of the reliability that the market recognizes us.

The CostaLab Silverstone is an amplifier made entirely of vacuum tubes circuitry. We have chosen to equip each unit with the renowned TAD valves, this to provide a further plus in terms of quality and reliability for our product.


Recommended for



Pop - 95%
Blues - 85%
Rock - 100%
Heavy Rock - 80%