Power Factory Twin

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Power Factory Twin

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The professional power supply (Coming Soon)

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cm 31,5 x 9,2 x 4,4
115-230 Vac

The power factory was designed to meet the various needs of powering even very complex systems.

The presence of the eight galvanic groups lets you tackle any job requirement.

High current outputs can be used to supply the latest generation of pedals that require high currents (Strymon, Eventide, TC Electronic Nova, Line 6 Modeler 4-switch), or routing systems / switch (SmartLab, Musicom Lab etc.).

In the galvanic group with three 9 Vdc outputs you can be connected to a large number of standard effects such as overdrive pedals, compressors, distortions, boosters etc.

The galvanic groups provided with three 9Vdc 100mA outputs each, has three LC separation filters that do not allow the spread of any interference from one branch to another of the same group.


Available Outputs

Group 1  9Vdc 400mA + 12V 400mA              Group 5  9Vdc 400mA + 12V 400mA

Group 2  9Vdc 100 mA (X 3)                                  Group 6  9Vdc 100 mA (X 3)

Group 3  9-12-18-24Vdc 530mA - 200mA  Group 7  9-12-18-24 Vdc 530mA - 200mA

Group 4  5,5-9 Vdc-10 Vac 100mA                   Group 8  5,5-9 Vdc-10 Vac100mA


The adjustable output from 5.5 to 9 Vdc allows below-feed pedals. This is especially useful if you make use of pedals or type Fuzz Tone Bender to get the "brown sound".

Finally 9-12-18-24 Vdc output is suitable for supply Boss Twin pedals, Line 6, MXR Flanger or Deluxe Memory Man.

The 10 Vac output is used to connect the older generation pedals that worked with AC voltages.

Thanks to two internal transformers, the machine is capable of delivering 3000 mA of current.

All outputs are equipped with a standard connector for power supply with a 2.1mm center pin. The pin is negative.

Power Factory Twin is provided with:

16 connection cables with 2.1mm plug in straight-angle configuration at 90 ° (8 cables of 50cm length and 8 of 80cm lenght)

A connection cable to the grid

One instruction manual