Sweeping Power

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Sweeping Power

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The Sweeping Power cable CostaLab is the perfect tool for to transfer the power of your amplifier to your speakers system

The high quality of the Sweeping connection series CostaLab is guaranteed without any compromise , on guitar or bass amplifiers with extraordinary clear mids, bass, and crystal clear high frequencies.


The very high design features of this cable guarantee the full transfer of each frequency plus a marked feature of three-dimensionality and headroom never felt so far.
For the connectors were chosen heavy Rean-Neutrik NYS 225.
Internal conductors comprises of strands of silvered copper.
In plus, there is an external silvered copper shield to protect internal conductors.
Such shielding, with the high quality of the internal connectors, allowing an ideal  transfer of power between the power stage to your speakers .



For superior connectivity, all the solder connections are made with alloy composed of 2% of silver.

The robust construction materials guarantee reliability and durability of the cables. Each cable is encased in a special braided casing keeping the core protected and at the same time making it flexible. The connectors are covered by a transparent sheath which allows you to inspect the state of the terminations.

The cable is designed to operate in a uni-directional way.
The side to be connected to the amplifier is marked.
After the assembly , each cable is tested individually with a suitable device able to detect abnormalities such as interruption of the connection or short circuit, even of very short duration . This control is normally escapes if made ​​with equipment such as ohmmeters or conventional multimeters .
The Sweeping Power cable can be used with confidence whether in studio or on stage.
Standard total length: 1m
Custom lengths available on request with extra cost.
Angled connectors available on request.