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Bad Angel

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The cosmic distortion








9 - 12 volt DC

The CostaLab Bad Angel is a pedal with a double nature.

An open overdrive, clear and dynamic and even a powerful distortion achieving high saturation levels, with high definition and a very focused timbre.

Simply by adjusting the Drive pot, you can get from a soft crunch to an hard rock sound and even more. The button “Saint Sinner” engages one of two different clipping circuits, developed in years of works and tests. They originate wo very different carachters. 

One is more classic and compressed, the other more modern and dynamic.

The tone pot gives the guitarist the chance to optimize its sound sweeping in an accurate range, totally usable, without getting solutions theorically possible but not realistic.



The circuit of Bad Angel is based on an silent and stable operational amplifier ten times over the Mosfets technology. As the whole Costalab production this pedal is noiseless even at an extreme regulation. 

This is possible by the solutions used in its circuit, and by a double filter used at its power lines. The Bad Angel comes equipped with a mechanical switching system “true bypass” of golden contacts and anti-pop filter.

The power supply is a common 9DC volt by plugging a classic 2,1mm negative pin jack.  It is even possible an over power supplying up to 12 volts in order to get more headroom.

It even works with a 9 volts battery. In this case, the circuiti s engaged by plugging the input jack. Please, take the input jack off when you don’t use it if you want your battery life stills longer.

In any case it is possible to leave the battery inside the pedal even when it is connected by a DC socie because its power system can automatically exclude it.

Pedal measures cm 118 x 60 x 34 not considerino pots and jacks.


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Recommended For


Pop - 100%
Blues - 80%
Rock - 100%
Heavy Rock - 95%