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140,00 €

The deeper and softer dynamic compression in total tone respect

9 - 12 volt DC

The Costalab Compressor is designed to provide the sound of the guitar and the bass with the depth given by the significant compensation of the dynamic. 

Placed at the beginning of a chain of effects or in front of an amplifier, gives you an idea of how is possible to reproduce, through your own playing, evocative sounds.

From a funk rhythm to a fully clean solo, or to a country riff, or to ‘slapping’ with your bass, this pedal will become the basic ingredient of your sound, helping you to give firmness your performance.

From acid jazz to fusion, from country to a smart pop to modern rock, the CostaLab compressor represents the necessary summary for the construction of your sound.

Due of the choice of selected components, especially the IC that is the heart of this device, the pedal preserves the timbre of your excellent sound and a superior noiseless.

The CostaLab Compressor is equipped with a mechanical "true bypass" switching system and with an anti-pop filter too.

The unit is powered by 9 DC volts and is connected by the classic DC 2.1 mm plug with negative pole-center. The current draw is less than 20 mA. The unit can also operate with a 9-volt battery. In this case the circuit is on by the input jack.

In order to save the battery life it is recommended to remove the input jack from the socket when you stop using it. You can still keep the battery inside the pedal even when it is powered through the DC socket, for the external power supply system is able to automatically rule out the battery. 

The unit is 118x60x34mm not counting the knob and the jacks. 


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Recommended For


Pop - 90%
Blues - 40%
Rock - 80%
Heavy Rock - 80%