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90,00 €

The ultimate solution for signal losses and impedance matching

9-18 volt DC

The CostaLab Buffer is an effective class A device that has been designed for two main purposes: to be inserted at the beginning of the pedalboards made up of many pedals, or it can be used at the end of the effects chain, just before the amplifier, as a line driver. 

Due to its high input impedance, is able to optimally preserve the quality of the signal, while maintaining the subtle nuances of timbre and absolutely respecting the expressiveness of the guitarist and bassist.

In addition to guitars and basses, this product is also suitable for acoustic instruments equipped with amplification system (acoustic or classical guitars, contrabasses, hitting guitars, etc.) for it not only recovers the signal loss, but revitalizes the sound with plenty of harmonics that characterize your instrument, and rich of nuances that determine your playing style.

Furthermore, if you have a pedal with very high input impedance, resulting in unwanted changes in timbre, connecting the CostaLab Buffer before it, to its input, you can recover its full operation, without losing anything of your sound and your expressiveness. 

The unit is powered by 9 DC volts and is connected by the classic DC 2.1 mm plug with negative pole-center. The current draw is less than 20 mA. Due to the extremely small size and the continuous functionality in a pedal, there is no battery power.

The unit is 98x38x34mm not counting the knob and the jacks.